Confirmed speakers

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Menachem Elimelech

Salt and water transport in reverse osmosis membranes

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Ngai Yip

Understanding the physics of ions in charged and confined environments to enable next-generation ion-selective membranes

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Shihong Lin

Electro-osmotic swelling: a new approach to regulate pore size of polyamide membrane

Group Members – Kamcev Research Lab

Jovan Kamcev

Activation energy of counter-ion diffusion in ion-exchange membranes

Orlando Coronell

Insights on molecule transport through polyamide films from molecular dynamics simulations

Anatoly Filippov

The cell model of an ion-exchange membrane: do the cross coefficients of the Onsager matrix have symmetry?

Qianhong She

Membrane structure-dependent water transport in electrodialysis: influences on conductivity-permselectivity trade-off and salt/water selectivity of ion exchange membranes, and implications for osmotic electrodialysis

Wei Guo

Light-induced directional and bidirectional ion transport in 2D Nanofluidics

Razi Epsztein

The adverse effect of concentration polarization on ion-ion selectivity in nanofiltration

Guy Ramon

One theory to rule them all: a hydrodynamic-colloidal framework for understanding membrane fouling

Yaeli Oren

Revisiting concentration polarization in desalination of multicomponent mixtures: Elemental principles to real-world impact

Maarten Biesheuvel

Why the solution-diffusion model is wrong, how we can modify it, and why that is important?

Jeff Wood

Electrokinetics near interfaces: from classical ideas to new opportunities

Edward Kimani

Modeling pH effects on transport and rejection of ions in reverse osmosis membranes

Selin Ozkul

The effect of divalent ions on monovalent ion selectivity in electrodialysis: towards mechanistic understanding

Ilya Ryzhkov

The ITM software package for modelling ion transport through membranes

Tamara León

Describing the transport of species and water splitting in electrodialysis with bipolar membranes: 2D model and experimental validation

Willem Boon

Current rectification in cones

Florian Wiesner

Studying Mix-Wettability Behavior in Gas Diffusion Electrodes

Yoav Green

Conditions for electroneutrality breakdown in nanopores

Jae-Hun Kim

Effects of electrically treated ion exchange membranes and their applications of energyconversion systems

Ryan S. Kingsbury

Beyond equivalent circuits: Rationalizing ionic conductivity in polymer membranes via transition state theory

Amit Shocron

Towards removal of pH-dependent species by capacitive deionization and electrodialysis

Jintao Wu

Spatial variations of pH in electrodialysis stacks: Theory

John Sebastian

Electrical circuit modelling of nanofluidic systems

Petr Dementyev

Gas transport in two-dimensional membranes

Daria Khanukaeva

Cell modeling of micropolar liquid flows in membranes

Bastiaan Blankert

Are RO membranes really charged?

Zohar Sahray

Theory of monovalent ion selectivity by capacitive deionization

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