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Biesheuvel P. M., Porada S., Elimelech M., Dykstra J. E.
Tutorial review of Reverse Osmosis and Electrodialysis, Journal of Membrane Science, 2022. V. 647, 120221

Long W., She Q.
A multifunctional and low-energy electrochemical membrane system for chemical-free regulation of solution pH, Water Res. 2022, 216, 118330

Ryzhkov I. I., Shchurkina M. A., Mikhlina E. V., Simunin M. M., Nemtsev I. V.
Switchable ionic selectivity of membranes with electrically conductive surface: Theory and experiment, Electrochimica Acta, 2021. V. 375, 137970

Pärnamäe R., Mareev S., Nikonenko V., Melnikov S., Sheldeshov N., Zabolotskii V., Hamelers H. V. M., Tedesco M.
Bipolar membranes: A review on principles, latest developments, and applications, Journal of Membrane Science, 2021. V. 617, 118538

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